Hello Freelance, My Old Friend

Find d*b on Upwork

In the middle of the turmoil that was my stay in Canton, Ohio I became disenfranchised with working freelance.  Sure, I kept up requests from my core clients but I stopped prospecting for work on the gig sites.  In that time I forgot my Guru log-in, Freelancer became a thing in the US market and Elance-oDesk became Upwork. Things have certainly changed.

A few days ago on a whim, I registered for and had a look around on Upwork.  I liked what I saw… a lot. Where oDesk opportunities were few and far between in the past there were dozens upon dozens of well-paying jobs right in my skill wheelhouse. Apparently hiring freelancers via forums like this has caught on in a big way during my absence.

Graphic Design, non-linear video editing, social media marketing is what I do for fun so I can’t just leave money on the table! So, with that said, I’m building out a profile Upwork and throwing my hat back in the ring to design for food pay.

This changes nothing at my Monday through Friday and my existing clients can still shoot me their projects as usual. I’m just bringing back this side-hustle so I can tick more boxes on my toy and travel bucket list.

See you on Upwork!



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