Minneapolis Revisited

Within a six hour drive from Chicago lay Minneapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee and St. Louis. While all of these destinations have redeeming qualities, there is only one that offers the style and artistic savvy that compels me to visit every summer. Yes, when the frozen North thaws, Minneapolis calls and I undoubtedly answer.

After crossing the great wasteland dairy land of Wisconsin, I arrived at the Hilton Minneapolis. A very on trend and modern addition to their city center hotel scene. Crossing the lobby and people watching as I love to do, I was reminded, Minnesotans are a good looking bunch! Say what you want about Los Angeles but in my humble opinion Minneapolis pairs good genes with an overabundance of style. Well done purple people eaters. Now, if you could just moderate your liquor consumption and not embarrass yourselves stumbling down Hennepin Avenue at 3:00 AM you’d be doing something. I’m telling you this town LOVES to drink in excess.

A trip to the Twin Cities wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Grand Old Creamery, touring the picturesque state capital and neighborhoods of St. Paul, shopping till you drop at the Mall of America and my personal favorite the Walker Art Museum. The Walker and its sculpture garden have changed since the last time I visited but is still one of my favorite public spaces in the country. The Skyline Mini Golf course, and the city views it provides make the sculpture garden that much more of a draw for families and tourists alike. Modern art admittedly isn’t my thing and this place is no Art Institute of Chicago but it is a treasure none the less.

It seemed like my whirlwind stop in the Twin Cities was over just as quick as it started. The brief but invigorating shot of MPS flair and style was just what I needed. Visiting on the weekend that St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted injected some current events and conscious thought into the weekend as well but this blog is about creativity. In order to hear my thoughts on those matters, you’ll have to buy me a cup of coffee and hash it out face to face.


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