About Dan Braxton

I’m a Christian, a child of the ’70s, the oldest child, a dad, a husband, a wanderer, a sports fan, a creative, a problem solver, and a perpetual student of life. I’m passionate about uplifting at-risk communities, social equity, urban renewal, entrepreneurship, and visual storytelling.

In 2019 I am pledging my free time and visual storytelling skills to change the world around me for the better. I believe my work in Canton, Ohio isn’t done. I believe my work in the Chicagoland area is just beginning. I’ll begin with the low hanging fruit but I also have big audacious goals and I intend to achieve them.

Thank you for visiting my website and learning more about me. I’m always up to collaborate with other creatives on print, web, and digital media projects. More importantly, I am always up for “do-goodery”. Feel free to connect with me via social media or contact me directly daniel@braxtonmedia.com.

Download my most recent graphic design portfolio here.

Thanks for learning more about me and have a large day!

Spectemur agendo!